Hip Hop Singer-Songwriter and Producer: Leyshock

With a diverse palette as a source of inspiration, including artists such as Hobo Johnson, Grieves and Childish Gambino, Leyshock crafts heartfelt, and introspective tales. As a supporter and participant of the local Seattle music scene, Leyshock strives to offer his own unique artistry to the community, while continuing to find a delicate balance between working with live bands and crafting music in his own home studio. Focused on the quest to be refreshing against the current grain and direction of music, Leyshock loves to push his creativity to the maximum. 

The music world is already responding to Leyshock’s advances. He has garnered coverage from publications and podcasts like Respect My Region and The Way With Jazz and Tae. Afroman and Bezz Believe have shared stages with Leyshock, who has also graced the stage at the Marshall Law Band's Summer Splash Fest.

In 2020, the introspective artist will be releasing one song per month, along with stylized artwork by Jesse Schendel to continue his flow of creative content.

First Single from album New Bones 2019

'Cognicent' Playlist by Leyshock

Leyshock Perfectly Illustrates The Monotony of Life In His Wavy New Visuals For "Wobbolty Walk" Directed by Dylan Fout

Arizona-native Ty Lewis aka Leyshock just let loose his most sophisticated visuals to date for his single "Wobbolty Walk." He's been steadily building his wave in Seattle following the release of his largely self-produced and recorded album back in August last year.

PC: Logan Maruszak, Fumio Ohno, and John Rainwaters

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